If you’re new to the college experience, you probably don’t know just how overloaded and stressed you’ll be come your first semester. You’ve been told over and over again that college is extremely different compared to high school, and it’s honestly the truth. You might assume that college will be simpler considering you’re moving from taking 6-9 classes five days a week to 4-6 classes every other weekday, but it’s definitely not the case. A college course crams the same amount of material into a single semester – so you do the math.


As a college student, it will be your own responsibility to stay up to date on assignments, tests, quizzes and your outside coursework. If you have a job, student organizations or other obligations, your schedule will quickly get full, and this means you’ve got to stay organized.


One way to do this that’s easy and accessible is to let technology do the work for you. While all smartphones have built in calendars and scheduling capabilities, apps are also out there to make your college experience easier. We’ve picked out these four apps as recommendations for all Syracuse University students who want to truly stay on top of their schoolwork.


Google Docs


For some reason, Android and iDevices don’t come preloaded with this extremely important application. Google Docs, Sheets and other application platforms are excellent for opening documents, writing papers – and also accessing everything from your phone. It may be inconvenient to write up an entire presentation on your iPhone 6S, but you don’t have to do that. Simply write on your laptop, attach the document to your Google Drive and open it via your phone app.


Google Docs is also excellent if you want to collaborate on a project. Need to work with a buddy or a group? Google Docs has got your back.


Evernote / OneNote


College students need to take lots of notes. Even if your professor doesn’t explicitly tell you to take notes in class, it’s generally a good idea. You can use them for memorizing material and prepping for tests and finals – so why not do it?


If you want an easier way to organize your notes, look into the apps Evernote and OneNote. Both of these applications are there for creating notes in a variety of mediums. Whether it’s a pictujre or a PDF, Evernote is there for you. Meanwhile, OneNote is very much like Microsoft office in its capabilities and platform design.




Got a lot on your to-do lists? Employ the help of this easy to use task manager in order to tame your to-do list in style. The capabilities of this app include project management capabilities, assigning levels to each task based on importance, as well as task deadlines so you’re making sure everything is done on time.


It’s great to use when you need to manage different areas of your life. For instance, creating separate lists for your job and school can greatly improve your productivity and organization.




Are you habitually late? Don’t worry – or maybe you should. While it’s normal for college students to be waking up at the last minute, it’s not exactly the greatest habit to stick with. Instead, look into Sunrise. This app manages all of your appointments across all devices you own and reminds you in advance of deadlines you program into it. It also syncs with Facebook, just in case you’re a big event RSVPer. This also allows you to check in on your friend’s birthdays. This app also makes it easy to share your calendar with others for event coordination.