You’re a college student and you want to have some parties to unwind and hang out with your friends. That’s totally normal, right? Of course it is! You’re only young once, and you have a lot of temptations on your plate. You’re away from adult supervision, there’s an expectation to party as a college student, and there’s likely a lot of peer pressure. It creates an atmosphere of wanting to party hard and often.


Here are two things to keep in mind:


  • If you’re under 21, drinking and having a party with alcohol is illegal – so is serving any minor at your party alcohol as well.
  • You’re only a college student with limited resources to plan and buy for a party with multiple people.


But that isn’t to say a party is impossible. You’ve got a great place to host it – at your CBC Commons apartment that can hold a few people – and you’ve got the smarts to know how to have a safe and responsible get together with no worry about noise complaints. What’s stopping you from shopping and saving a bunch on party snacks and entertainment while still being a college student? It’s totally possible if you’re smart about it.


Keeping Things Intimate


You might feel compelled to throw a blowout bash – invite both your Bio and Philosophy classmates and just let loose for hours on end, partying until the sun comes up on Monday morning. That’s not wise. While it’s great to want to have fun, and having fun as a college student isn’t a no-no, you’re now an adult. Being an adult means being responsible.


Throw a party in your apartment that can be maintained. Invite 6 to 10 friends that you know won’t wreck your place and who will all leave once you all realize you’ve been playing Cards Against Humanity until 3 AM and it’s time to go home. This kind of intimacy can also help build bonds with your friends and allow you to unwind in a small-scale, easily manageable way.


Buying Cheap


You don’t need to buy out Target to host a good party. Look for deals on party snacks and only splurge on occasion. If you buy a really expensive case of beer, balance this with cheaper chips and generic dip. You can also buy more chairs and silverware for your guests to use if you’ve been living minimally. Plan ahead for this – you can catch our Shuttle to Target on Sunday, so you’ve got a week to prep for a Friday night get-together.


Also look up inventive and cost-effective recipes online. This can save you money and help hone your home-alone cooking skills.


Pitch-In Parties


If you want to throw a bigger party, place some responsibilities on your guests. If you want to hold a movie marathon, make the price of admission a cheap case of beer or a snack bag for everyone to share. This helps cut down on your costs and brings in a bigger variety of food.


In general, it’s always a wise idea to intact a “BYO” policy. If you’re making a big barbecue dinner, ask others to bring the sides – chips, drinks, potato salad, etc. You’ll all be eating like kings for half the price.


Get Cheap Activities


You don’t have to break the bank in order to have a good time. Get a stupid clearance board game and have fun with it. Get 5 Redbox movies and make a movie night out of it without spending more than 10 bucks. You’re a college student – look for inventive ways to have fun while keeping under budget. If you get creative, you can find a lot of things to do without spending lots of cash.