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If you are like many of the students on campus, paying for school does not come easy. On top of that, trying to find a job that works with balancing your school schedule can be a bit overwhelming. Stay with us as we unlock some potential opportunities right here on campus that could be the answer to your financial woes.


Working on campus can definitely have its perks. For instance, the proximity to where you work and study can be a bonus, as the short travel time could most definitely benefit your other time commitments. Also, on-campus employers can be more supportive with the challenges of juggling class time, study time and employment availability. Many of the employment opportunities on campus can have a direct relation to your area of study or interest.


These opportunities include Undergraduate Research Assistant, Web Content Publisher, International Student Mentor and Fitness Center Attendant, to name just a few. Although not required, seeking out a position that would allow you to further your educational experience would only serve to benefit you in the long run, especially post-graduation when it is time to seek out prospective career opportunities. If you are still unsure of what the future holds for you or what your true area of interest is, this could also be a great time to explore what makes you tick in the work world.


Perhaps seeking out a position that has nothing to do with your studies will allow you to decompress from your studies while focusing on something completely different, giving you the mental break that you have been looking for. Either way, be realistic on what your time commitments are and where your general area of interest lies.


For all of the possibilities listed above, Syracuse University offers a simple database of all on-campus job opportunities for students that allows you to search for employment on the various campuses: Main campus, south campus and downtown campus. Syracuse University Job Opportunities website can be located here.


Using the same database you can also search for jobs that are available off campus. Although these jobs are located off campus and will require more travel time, they have been posted by employers who have been approved to post employment opportunities through the university. Off campus opportunities can also provide you with hands-on experience that can directly relate to your area of study, such as Before and After School Site Directors and Teachers or Field Marketing Representatives.


Looking for a work-study position? Within the same list, you can search for work-study positions that fall into one of the two categories available: Federal Work Study or Syracuse Work Study. Before applying for a work-study position, be sure to check out the eligibility requirements and how to apply for FWS Fund.


Syracuse University is committed to providing opportunities for you to succeed both in the classroom and out of the classroom. The office of Human Resources Student Employment Services (HRSES) provides students with opportunities for both on and off campus training, employment and related community service. Providing students with prospective for personal growth, training and life experiences. For further information on how HRSES can help, visit their website.