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Are you looking to have some fun while attending Syracuse University but still get the most bang for your buck without breaking the bank? Learn how you can stretch your pennies without giving up on fun.

Of course your number one priority at Syracuse University is to excel in your classes, but there always needs to be some time set aside for fun. Below we have compiled a list of inexpensive activities that will allow you to step away from the books and let out some steam.

1. Orange after Dark

Orange after Dark are events held for undergraduate students at Syracuse University and begin after 10 p.m. They are organized by the Division of Student Affairs and include events such as movie nights, open mic nights, Pinterest parties, grocery bingo and more. Tickets go on sale 10 days prior to the event and are only $3. Stay in the know on Twitter: @OAD_SU


2. Join a club

Joining a club is a great way to meet other students with similar interests as you.

It also provides a great opportunity to explore other interests that are perhaps completely different than your academic experience. As an added bonus, participation in organized extra curricular activities can also look great on a resume. Remember your experience at university is not just about your GPA, it is also about networking and personal growth.


3. Attend a SU basketball game

GO ORANGE! Basketball is one of Syracuse University’s most popular sports. Discount season passes are available for students.


4. Attend an SU Football Game and do the stomp

The infamous Dome Stomp is something you must experience while attending SU! If you stand up against the outer walls of the dome and jump or stomp your feet, it makes a cool sound that you may recognize if you are a fellow Star Wars fan. According to Ain’t It Cool news, Oscar-winning sound designer Ben Burtt, Jr. grew up in nearby Jamesville and his father taught at Syracuse University. Ben used the famous echo sound from the outer wall of the Carrier Dome for a gun effect in the later “Star Wars” movies. Again, GO ORANGE! Discount season passes are available for students.


5. Go sledding at Hogwarts Castle (aka Crouse College)

Syracuse is known for its snowfall. Although it doesn’t get much colder than say Chicago or Toronto, the accumulation of snow is much greater.

But many SU students know how to make the most of it by going sledding with friends outside of Crouse College, which is also known as the Hogwarts building. Use whatever works: a dining hall tray, cardboard or pick up an inexpensive saucer—either way, you are bound to have a blast.


6. Golf for FREE at Drumlins!

Bring your valid SU student ID to the Golf Shop at Drumlins and register as a Syracuse University student. No tee times are available, your free round of golf on the West course is on a first come, first served basis and carts are extra. But free loaner clubs are also available (again, first come, first served basis)


Other inexpensive but fun activities to consider include:

  • Hanging in the quad on a warm day – toss a Frisbee or catch up with a friend.
  • Watch the sunrise on top of Slocum Hall (be sure to make friends with an architecture student to cross this one off your list).
  • Take a stroll down to Walnut Park, a historic district located in the University Hill neighborhood. In the past, the annual Mayfest and Block Party events have been held here near the end of April.
  • Visit Destiny USA, one of the largest shopping malls in the USA consisting of a six-story shopping and entertainment complex.