One of the greatest and economic features of a Copper Beech Commons apartment is that you don’t have to buy your own furniture. See, we get that maybe buying all new kitchen appliances plus bedroom and living room furniture isn’t practical for a college student.


If you did have to buy your own furniture, how would you pay for it? Where would you put it after you graduate? Would you already have your own place by then, especially one that requires all of your own personal appliances and furniture? The answers to those questions are all dubious at best.


Luckily you won’t have worry about that for now. Your CBC apartment includes everything you’d need: a kitchen stove to make your own meals on, a coach to watch TV or sleep on when you’re just too tired to move to your fully furnished bedroom, and other amenities that make bring your new apartment both luxury and a comfortable feel that you simply can’t find in a cramped dorm room.


A common concern, however, is that a fully-furnished and pre-designed apartment won’t exactly feel like you’re at home without personal effects. How will your apartment actually feel like it’s yours for the time being if it doesn’t feel like you helped make it livable? Luckily you have some easy options to help add some personal style and flair to your new living quarters.


  • Dress up the walls.


So you can’t paint your new apartment the colors you want. What do you do now? For inventive students, this is an easy problem to overcome. Adding accents like posters, wall stickers and fabric to your walls can add a personalized flair, as well as add color to spaces where once none existed.


Wall stickers are an especially easy and effective way of personalizing your space, and you have a lot to choose from. These stickers can either be chic and minimal or geared towards your interests, like your favorite sports team. Wall stickers are designed to be removable, so when you need to pack up after graduating, simply peel it off and you’re set. No repainting required.


Also, if you’re an artist (or at least willing to try painting or drawing out), you can easily make your new space your own by adding a personal piece to the wall. If you have a knack for the creative, make something new to celebrate your new apartment and show it off proudly.


  • Add in some accents.


Just because you’re now living in a fully-furnished apartment doesn’t mean you have to be stuck using only the furniture and accessories inside. You’re allowed to add trinkets and pieces from home to make the space yours. Buy some new vases or a rug, and bring in your old pictures and the coffee table you borrowed from home.


You’re on a college student’s budget, so shop smart. Go to local thrift stores like The Salvation Army, or 3fifteen which is right next to Syracuse University. You can buy cheap throw pillows, home accessories and other trinkets here to make your apartment cozier. We’ll also shuttle you to Target and Walgreens on Sunday, just in case you wanted to pick out some new and matching home goods, too.


  • Pick your most personal affects.


For many college students, this experience away from home is likely their first. It’s okay to be homesick or miss the creature comforts of your family’s home. You may not be able to completely recapture your old house’s nuances in your CBC apartment, but you can sure try.


Bring in photos and items from home that remind you that it’s still out there, even if you’re away at college. This can be as simple as a family portrait or as silly and sentimental as the drawings your mom put on the fridge for you years ago. If it has meaning and value to you, it likely has a place in your new CBC apartment.


If you’re looking for more tips, try asking around at CBC to see what other residents have done. Exchange tips, mingle and make your apartment your home away from home