It’s true that CBC Commons are available to anyone who can pass our application and pay rent on time – college student or not. However, we like to think that we gear our services towards college students who like to have an all-around living experience and fun while they’re away for their education.

This includes offering outside amenities that are paired with our apartments for a heightened lifestyle experience. College students can live their life inside of CBC, and this includes having fun on the weekends – the perfect time to relax after a busy, studious college week.


Guests of CBC Commons residents are allowed to use our facilities as long as the actual tenant is present, which means you have access to great resources when you want to get together with a few friends.

While we don’t recommend inviting a lot of people, and we’ll discourage this behavior and have words if this does happen, having two or three buddies over is welcome, and we’re glad to facilitate you connecting with friends at Syracuse University.


Healthy Living and Healthy Friendships

Friendship isn’t just about sitting on the coach and eating chips – though there’s more on that later. It’s about bonding through a shared experience, and this includes being healthy. CBC Commons offers residents a basketball and volleyball court for their use, so grab some friends and form a team. Play each other, or get some other residents and their friends together to have a tournament. All in good fun, of course – or be as competitive as you want to be!

Worried about getting in shape for your next game? Stop by our gym and train up before throwing down the gauntlet of challenge.


Movie Nights

You’ve got options if you want to have a movie night with friends – bring your buddies over and rent some movies or watch some on demand with a popcorn bowl in hand OR have the real cinema experience for no real cost at all. Residents have access to our movie theater room. Make sure you can use it and that it’s not being occupied by someone else and enjoy your flick on a huge screen with friends of yours.

You can also connect with other CBC Commons residents this way. Feel free to try and get together a group of movie buffs in your own apartment building for a regular movie night. You can also have access to whatever movies are available on cable; included in your rent.


Food for Friends

There’s nothing more nostalgic to a lot of you than a barbecue in the backyard and good friends to share in the fun of good food. You may not be at home, and you may not be able to perfectly recreate your dad’s barbecue sauce recipe, but you can replicate the experience as much as possible. Using the CBC Commons barbecue sets, make as much or as little food as you’d like to share with your fellow residents and friends you invite over. Eat outside for a real picnic experience, or bring the food up to dine in and pig out.

You can also create a potluck out of the festivities – if you supply the meat and cooking expertise, make your friends bring the fixings.


Friends at College are Lifelong Connections

It’s important to remember that college is just one period in your long lifetime, so the stress and worry about grades and GPAs is temporary. However, the friends and connections you make at college can be life-lasting. Many alumni of Syracuse University find lifelong friends during their stay at the school, and CBC Commons hopes that you find just as many friends during your stay in our apartments.