You may be feeling a bit insecure, excited, nervous or a combination of all three as your first year at Syracuse University this fall is getting closer. These feelings are completely normal and expected. Attending a new school, whether it is close to home or hundreds of miles away, is a new experience filled with many unknowns that can evoke some unexpected emotions. But fear not, because Syracuse University recognizes that this can be a trying time for many students and we have your back. So much so that we have an entire department called The Office of First-Year and Transfer Programs (FYTP), which is committed to helping you make a successful and enjoyable transition to Syracuse University.


Below we will touch on orientation, moving into your residence, the Goon Squad, your first 44 days, mentorship opportunities, weather and Social Media for first year students!



Before you arrive, download the mobile app Syracuse University Guides, which will help you plan your orientation: Syracuse Welcome 2016. The guide will provide you with important information about arriving on campus including which day to arrive, as well as a complete schedule for Syracuse Welcome 2016. The app will allow you to create a personalized schedule, to-do list, explore campus maps and keep you updated with important reminders. Syracuse Welcome 2016 is designed to make your transition to SU smooth and enjoyable.


The Big Move & The Goon Squad

Syracuse University requires all first year students to reside on campus in University housing for the first two years of schooling. The university values the experiences and opportunities that living on campus provides in enhancing your involvement both academically and socially. Living and learning on campus go hand-in-hand at Syracuse University.


Regardless of which residence you have been assigned, please make note of important information regarding where to send packages and mail and requirements for move in day here. You will also find helpful information about laundry, housekeeping and storage.


The Goon Squad is a SU tradition dating back to 1944 and consists of returning students who are there on your first day to help you move into residence and to help answer any initial questions you may have. The Goons look forward to greeting you!


The First 44 Days

Now that you are settled into your new home away from home, consider connecting with Explore 44. Explore 44 is a way for all new students to connect and transition to life on campus during their first 44 days. #SUExplore44 is not only campus focused but it also introduces you to life in your new community of Syracuse. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture of SU and an amazing way to meet new people.


Get Connected & Stay Connected

Mentorship can play a key role in your transition and success at SU. Engaging with students who have a similar academic goal or personal experience is a great way to stay connected and on track for success.


Remember throughout your first year and subsequent years, that making connections can be a vital step in your success as a Syracuse University student.


What is the weather like?

Depending on where you are moving from, the winters may be a bit of shock for you. We recommend you purchase your winter weather attire after you move to SU. Be sure to budget for this expense, as quality winter attire will make all the difference in your comfort during these months. Your shopping list will most likely consist of: a quality winter coat for temperatures below -10F, mitts/gloves, hat, scarf, and waterproof winter boots with a good tread.


Social Media for First Year Students


Twitter: @SUFYTP

Facebook: www.facebook.com/SUFYTP

Instagram: sufytp