Not every apartment suits every person, and depending on the scenario this can be extremely complicated. In the adult world, you have a lot to worry about in regards to the apartment you choose – is it pet friendly, is there room for kids, are the windows in just the right place?


Fortunately, CBC Commons simplifies things. Because our focus is on college students, there’s no extra headache to try and figure out whether an apartment is right for you or not. There are also fewer options – while typically this may be a bad thing, we offer college students exactly the right amount of space for their items and lifestyle.


After all – would you want to clean a huge apartment, or one just the right size?


CBC Commons offers four different rated apartment plans with 12 month leases – which is right for you?


2 Bed, 1 Bath ($1049 per bedroom per month / 1020 or 890 sq. ft.)


This type of apartment is the perfect size for one person or two who are looking to live at CBC Commons. While there are two bedrooms, it is possible to rent out the model while living alone. If you have the cash to rent the whole suite, feel free!


It’s also a great option if you have a roommate in mind. Whether it’s one you pick out or one CBC Commons offers you, the bathroom and room space is adequate and spacious to accommodate two people.


3 Loft/Lower Bed, 2 Bath ($999/$899 per bedroom per month / 1390 sq. ft.)


This is a bigger model, obviously. There’s an extra bedroom with an added bath to accommodate an extra person. Trust us when we say you don’t want to share a bathroom between three different people – good luck fighting over who gets their own!


4 Bed, 2 Bath ($949 per bedroom per month / 1780 sq. ft.)


The biggest model, this CBC Commons apartment style is meant to accommodate the largest number of people possible. With four people in one space, two residents will share one of two bathrooms together. This is great for large groups of people who want to share a communal space, or it’s great for stand-alone residents who want a discounted price on an individual room.


Every Apartment


Now that you know the room options, it’s important to understand the modern amenities available to all residents in every apartment, as stated on our website:


  • Every apartment is fully furnished. This means you’ll be communally sharing “a loveseat, 2 chairs, coffee table, end table, flat screen television, kitchen table and chairs, a full kitchen with dishwasher, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and washer/dryer.”
  • Each bedroom is outfitted with “a full-sized bed, dresser, desk and desk chair.”
  • Your rent price includes the following amenities: “heat, central air, electricity, IPTV (better than cable), high-speed internet, trash pick-up and water.”
  • You’ll be given access to security and maintenance perks and help.
  • Every CBC Commons resident has full access to every amenity available at the time of rental.


Remember that every CBC Commons apartment requires a $750 security deposit. According to our website, “this deposit will be returned with an itemized receipt of any deductions 21 days after the end of your lease agreement; the security deposit cannot be used in lieu of rent.”


Why CBC Commons


Depending on your budget and the amount of people you’d like to live with, one CBC Commons apartment model may be more your style than another. Regardless of which model you choose, all CBC Commons apartments come with one iron clad guarantee – they’re definitely better than a dorm room.