Syracuse University has better food spots than a lot of colleges. is pretty great, and Pages Café at the Bird Library serves some pretty decent grub, but you don’t want to be living off of Syracuse U food the entire time you’re at college. There’s a whole city out there of food to explore, and the college food fare just isn’t going to cut it every day.


You have a myriad of options if you want to eat out in Syracuse – whether you’re just looking for a place to eat after you’re done with class, or you’re looking for a nice restaurant to take a potential date, you don’t have to worry about not finding good grub here.


There’s also a question of distance – you want food that’s in Syracuse, but you also don’t want to be driving for 30 minutes to go find it. We’ve narrowed some options down using two criteria: food that’s great and potentially within a realistic distance of your school.


Rachel’s Restaurant


If you’ve ever been to the Sheraton Hotel to study, you’ll recognize Rachel’s restaurant. Next time you pop in for a quick nap on a lobby couch or to meet a friend to study, take a peek at this place. It may not be the cheapest place to eat in town, but it’s got great food, drinks if you’re of age, and a half pound burger that will send you home floating.


Funk n’ Waffles


Funk n’ Waffles truly puts the “fun” in “funk.” There’s something so charming about this odd little eclectic eatery. This restaurant is like if the weird and unbelievably quirky hangout spot in the last YA novel you read actually existed. Funk ‘n Waffles brings that setting to life – it’s literally a breakfast café where live music plays, thus funk music and waffles. What could be better than that? And, like the name implies, the waffles are to die for.


Strong Hearts on the Hill


If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry. You too have quite a few eating options in and around campus. Strong Hearts on the Hill is one such location you might be interested in. With both take-out and in-house eating options, Strong Hearts is the perfect place to get soups and salads that cater to your food lifestyle choice. You’ll also be able to enjoy vegan milkshakes, smoothies and other desserts that are both delicious and ethically made.


Acropolis Pizza House


Pizza is undoubtedly the best friend of college students across the country. The best thing about the Acropolis Pizza House is that you aren’t just limited to pizza, either. You can get pasta specials, subs, salads, wraps. Any kind of easy-to-eat Greek food is available to you here. You also won’t be breaking the bank as it’s one of the cheaper options on the list. This is another place where you can grab a drink with your friends, too – if you’re 21 and over, of course.


Unique Tea House


Another quirky college location to try out is the Unique Tea House. Fans of oddball drinks or cultural delicacies like bubble tea can enjoy experiencing something new here, but you aren’t just limited to a rarer selection. Feel free to grab a Taro Smoothie or some regular teas of the black or Earl Grey variety. Unique Tea House is a really quaint place to sit down, enjoy a refreshing drink and just chill for a whole minute.


Insomnia Cookies


You’re a college student and you want to treat yourself – you did super well on that midterm you thought you completely bombed. What are your options?


If you have a sweet tooth, Insomnia Cookies is your paradise. A restaurant designed around dessert, you’ll fall in love with their ice creams, milkshakes and brownies. Oh, and of course their cookies. They’re also pretty cheap, so ditch the dessert options at an expensive restaurant and just stop in here inst