There are a lot of reasons why living at CBC Commons is a good idea. Avoiding dorm life, having a sense of responsibility and privacy – living at the CBC Commons is essentially prepping you for your independent life as a true adult while giving you a chic and personal apartment space in which to enjoy your college years.


But that’s not even the best part of living in our comfy and stylish apartments. CBC Commons have a lot of amenities that you won’t get anywhere else – not even from a non-college affiliate apartment complex. The following are a few of the amenities CBC has to offer and how you can use them to better both your college experience – and your life in general.


  • If you don’t have a car or other vehicle, and if you don’t want to walk everywhere, CBC Commons offers resident a private shuttle bus to both Syracuse University (SU) and the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF).


  • The same shuttle will take you to Wegmans and Target on Sunday, so students and residents have the opportunity to buy and groceries, clothes and/or home goods they need to stock up on.


  • If you ever have a problem with your apartment that requires the involvement of staff, CBC Commons residents never have to worry about a lot of red tape and hassle. There’s on-site security, maintenance and management staff available every day.


  • Want to stay fit while you’re at college but don’t like the SU fitness options? Or maybe you don’t want to pay for a gym? Don’t worry – CBC Commons has an on-site fitness center available to all current residents.


  • You can also supplement your fitness regimen with our other sports-related amenity, an indoor basketball court.


  • If you’d rather veg out on the couch and watch a movie than play sports, we can hook you up. CBC Commons has a movie theater built into the building for your use.


  • If you want to unwind after a hard week of studying, head on down to the entertainment area. It includes a pool, ping pong and foosball table for your enjoyment. Come try them out when you’ve got some free time.


  • Don’t let your bike get stolen while you keep it chained up outside. Thieves are becoming more adept at removing bikes from their chain, so don’t keep it vulnerable out in the elements. We’ve got indoor bicycle storage that we’d love you to use.


  • If you’ve got a big midterm or paper coming up, don’t just study alone in your room. Invite your study group to one of our group study areas that are available to CBC residents and their friends.
  • Need some quick cash? You don’t have to walk to the closest convenience store – just use the CBC ATM.


  • Are you a foodie? Or maybe you just really miss the food your dad used to make come the Fourth of July or during summer parties – you remember those grilled franks and burgers, don’t you? Try to recreate the magic with our own outdoor grilling area.


Perhaps some of these features are more practically useful than others – college students need study places more than they need to play foosball when they get home. But going to college isn’t just about hitting the books. Without methods of de-stressing, it’s easy to get burnt out. It’s okay to have fun, and we want to give that to you.


Living alone for the first time can be a very different experience – which is why CBC Commons wants to give you a taste of home while you’re miles away from it.